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Madagascar’s highland town, Fianarantsoa extends over three floors. With its traditional houses, its many churches and its wine culture, there are many things to visit ! True crossroads, it is located on the RN7 at 400 km from Tananarive in the heart of the South-East region.

Built in 1830 on the heights of the Ivoenana hill, Fianarantsoa city is only 400 km from the capital. The city is full of treasures of the past, it was for a long time the city of instruction and education (hence its name “the city where the good is learned”. Indeed, many intellectuals live there, you won’t miss the many schools, bookstores as well as a multitude of religious edifices. There are about fifty churches, a faculty of Lutheran theology, and a Catholic and Presbyterian seminary. Besides the cultural and religious aspect, the city is also known for its gastronomy. There are numerous vineyards (Isandra and Famoriana), and you can also visit the tea plantations of Sahambavy or taste the cheeses of Ivoamba. A trip to the Southern doors of Madagascar that you won’t forget.