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You can’t visit the Central Highlands without going to Antsirabe, located at 1500m of an altitude. You will recognize it by its numerous colorful rickshaws that line the streets. The city is famous for its textiles, tobacco, and agricultural production, but also famous for its water, renowned throughout the world for its therapeutic properties. It is surrounded by three lakes and a rich vegetation, and you’ll have the opportunity to do many activities with your family and friends.


Antsirabe means “where there is a lot of salt” because its soils and waters and rich in mineral salts. It is located at 1500m high, and there is a renowned spa resort that merges into volcanic landscape. It is called the city of water, because you can lounge in its numerous natural baths that have therapeutic virtues. The city is rich in history and is surrounded by three lakes, the Tritriva, Andranomafana, and Andraikiba. You will feel strong colonial influence through the architecture of the city buildings.


You will equally have the opportunity to visit the various craft workshops where many objects are made from horns of zebus, but also woven from natural fiber. This is an encounter with Malagasy art that is rich in tradition. The volcanic lakes of the region are also a major tourist attraction, containing many ancestral legends and mysteries. Lake Andraikiba is ideal for walking. You’ll find yourself in a peaceful and harmonious environment, where it’s good to come and relax. The region of Antsirabe counts the Ranomafana Park interesting for its rich fauna and flora. You will see a large number of lemurs, amphibians, reptiles and endemic birds there.